Winland TEMP-HS High-Temperature Sensor

Winland High-Temperature Sensor

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The Winland High-Temperature Sensor is a high temperature range stainless steel thermistor sensor for use with the EnviroAlert systems. The Winland High-Temperature Sensor has a sensing range of 0 to 150 degrees C (32 to 299 F) and a maximum cable run of 1000 feet. It has a sensor diameter of .25” and includes a terminal block for easy installation.


    Works with

    • EnviroAlert EA200-12
    • EnviroAlert EA200-24
    • EnviroAlert EA400-12
    • EnviroAlert EA400-24
    • EnviroAlert EA800
    • EA-WMFS


    Technical Specifications

    • Probe Length: 3.65" (9.71 mm)
    • Probe Diameter: .25" (6.35 mm)
    • Cable Lead: 23" (.58 m)
    • Sensing range: +32° to +299°F (0° to +150°C)
    • Construction: Sturdy stainless steel housing, includes terminal block for easy installation
    • Maximum cable run: 1,000’ (304.8 m) [22-2 AWG twisted pair, unshielded]
      • Additional wire:
        • 25' (7.62 m) - TSW-25
        • 50' (15.24 m) - TSW-50

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