Remotec Z-Wave Plus IR Converter for AC and AV Control

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The Remotec Z-Wave Plus IR Converter is a home automation device designed to enable the control of infrared (IR) devices, such as air conditioners (ACs) and audio/video (AV) equipment, through a Z-Wave network. Z-Wave technology allows for wireless communication and integration between different smart home devices, and the Remotec IR Converter extends this capability to IR-controlled appliances. 


  • IR Control
    The device is equipped with IR blasters that can transmit infrared signals to control IR devices. This allows you to remotely manage devices like air conditioners, TVs, audio systems, and other appliances that use IR remotes.
  • Z-Wave Integration
    The IR Converter is a Z-Wave device, which means it can be included in your existing Z-Wave smart home network. This allows you to control your IR devices alongside other smart devices within your Z-Wave ecosystem.
  • Remote Management
    Through a Z-Wave controller or a compatible mobile app, you can send commands to the Remotec IR Converter to control your IR appliances from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Scene and Automation Creation
    You can create scenes and automation routines that involve both Z-Wave and IR-controlled devices. For instance, you could set up a "Movie Time" scene that dims the lights, turns on the TV, and adjusts the AC temperature simultaneously.
  • Learning Capability
    Some IR Converters have a learning feature that allows them to learn the commands of your existing IR remote controls. This ensures that you can replicate your existing remote's functions within your Z-Wave setup.
  • Z-Wave Range
    Keep in mind the Z-Wave range limitations. If your IR-controlled devices are located far from the Z-Wave hub or other Z-Wave devices, you might need to ensure a strong Z-Wave signal in that area.




Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 5VDC (Micro USB) or Alkaline Battery 3 x AAA (Battery life up to 1 year)
  • Wireless Connectivity: Z-Wave 868.42MHz (EU) and Bluetooth 4.2
  • Operating (Temperature): 0 – 40°C
  • Operating (Humidity): 20 – 85% non condensing
  • Infrared (Transmitter): 360
  • Infrared (Operating Range): 8 – 20m unobstructed


Installation Guide


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