Logenex TPC Teleport Controller

Logenex Teleport Controller

  • $449.99

The Logenex Teleport Controller enables remote video and audio communication for your Logenex Teleport Door Station. You can answer the door, have a two-way conversation, and even unlock the front door from anywhere that you have Internet connection, so you never miss a visitor again!


  • Enable remote video and audio communication
    The Logenex Teleport Controller enables remote video and audio communication for your Logenex Teleport IP Video Door Station, letting you answer the door from anywhere you have Internet connection.
  • Cloud or Local Recording
    The Logenex Teleport Controller offers cloud recording or has a local SD card slot for local recording (card not included), to provide multiple recording options.
  • Motion Based Calling
    The Logenex Teleport Controller lets you set motion based calling, so you receive a call if motion is detected.
  • Relay Control
    The Logenex Teleport Controller has 3 relays for control, providing connection to a door strike, allowing for door release or gate trigger. 
  • Alarm Input for User Defined Actions
    The Logenex Teleport Controller has an alarm input for user defined actions, so you can be alerted if anything happens. 


Works with

Works with any Logenex Teleport Door Station.


Technical Specifications

  • Max video resolution: 720x480
  • Video compression: H.264 BP @ level 3.0 jpeg, motion jpeg
  • 30fps
  • Audio: G711, 726
  • 1 year warranty

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