Globe Wi-Fi Smart Water Leak Sensor

Globe Wi-Fi Smart Water Leak Sensor

  • $39.99

The Globe Wi-Fi Smart Water Leak Sensor is a device designed to detect water leaks and provide early warnings to help prevent water damage in your home or property. Here are some general features and functions you might expect from a smart water leak sensor:


  • Water Leak Detection
    The sensor is equipped with water detection capabilities and can identify the presence of water or moisture in its vicinity. When it detects a water leak, it triggers an alert to notify you of the potential issue.
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
    The sensor connects to your home's Wi-Fi network, enabling it to communicate with your smartphone, tablet, or other connected devices. This allows you to receive instant notifications or alerts when a water leak is detected, even if you're away from home.
  • Mobile App Integration
    Most smart water leak sensors come with a dedicated mobile app that allows you to monitor and manage the sensor remotely. Through the app, you can receive alerts, check the sensor's status, and configure settings.
  • Audible Alarm
    In addition to sending mobile notifications, the sensor may emit a loud audible alarm locally when it detects a water leak. This serves as an additional alert mechanism, especially when you are at home and may not have your smartphone readily accessible.
  • Multiple Sensor Support
    Some systems allow you to integrate multiple water leak sensors throughout your property. This enables you to monitor different areas, such as basements, bathrooms, laundry rooms, or under sinks, for potential water leaks.
  • Battery-powered or Wired
    Water leak sensors are typically available in battery-powered or wired versions. Battery-powered sensors offer flexibility in placement, while wired sensors rely on a constant power sourc


Protocol Wifi

Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant


Technical Specifications

  • Height: 1.33
  • Length: 2.71
  • Width: 2.71
  • Weight: 0.17
  • Cord/Chain Length (ft): 3.83


Installation Guide

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