FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter

FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter

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The FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter is an essential part of a complete water management solution. The FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter helps you automate, manage water consumption, and detects leaks in your home or building, helping you save on your water consumption and provide alerts when water is flowing unexpectedly.


  • Manage Water Consumption
    The FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter tracks water usage and reports gallons used to help you manage and save on your water consumption.
  • Automatically turn off water
    You can set Water Leak Alarms to automatically turn off water if too much water is flowing or has been running for too long, to prevent too much water usage or overflows.
  • Control your water usage
    You can set limits to turn off water when a set amount of gallons have been used for the day, ensuring that you don't overuse your daily water consumption helping save the environment and money in your pocket.
  • Detect Leaks in your home or building
    The FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter monitors if water is flowing unexpectedly or you can set alerts for water detection when your sleeping or away from home, helping you recognize and stop a water leak before it causes costly damages to your home or building.
  • Track Water Usage
    The FortrezZ Z-Wave Smart Water Flow Meter tracks water usage and sends various meter data wirelessly such as water flow status or gallons used when water is flowing to help you understand your water usage.



Z-Wave Z-Wave Plus


Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Pressure: 150psi
  • Maximum Temperature: 122°F
  • Accuracy: Normal Flow:± 1.5%/Low Flow:± 3%
  • Minimum Flow Rate (GPM): 0.25(3/4”)/0.75(1”)
  • Maximum Flow Rate (GPM): 20(3/4”)/50(1”)
  • Materials: Body & Coupling– Eco Brass; Internals– Engineered thermoplastic; Magnet– Alnico
  • Pulse Output Cable: Micro USB cable ~ 5ft.
  • Pulse Rate: 10pulses/gallon
  • Weight (lbs.) ¾”: 4.25lbs./ 1”: 6.5lbs.


Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Technical Manual

NOTE: Should be installed by a plumbing professional

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