FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Smart Implant

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The  FIBARO Z-Wave Plus Smart Implant makes your home smarter by seamlessly transforming your ordinary household appliances, switches, and electronics into smart devices. The FIBARO Smart Implant can make ordinary devices intelligent and provides endless possibilities to automate your home that are only limited by your imagination.


  • Makes ordinary devices intelligent  
    Makes ordinary devices intelligent and provides endless possibilities to automate your home including adding a temperature sensor probe to monitor fridges, freezers hot tubs, or connecting to garage door sensor and garage door button to make the garage door smart or hiding behind a wall switch to trigger scenes.
  • Built-in temperature sensor
    Built-in temperature sensor picks up any changes in the temperature and sends automatic alerts if variations in temperatures are detected making it perfect to monitor fridges, freezers, or hot tubs.
  • Safe Installation 
    You can safely and securely install the device in your home as it is powered by a safe, low voltage with a wide range of 9-30V, so protects against the adverse effects of incorrect connections. 
  • Create Powerful Scenes
    Create powerful scenes that automate and simplify your routine with the ability to program up to 12 possible actions assigned to one scene. 
  • Neutral for the device
    Fits in seamlessly with whatever systems you already have in place in your home as it is transparent to alarm systems, so it will not interfere with the regular operation of the device. 



Z-Wave Plus

Works with

Works with Amazon Alexa Works with Google Assistant  Works with IFTTT


Technical Specifications

  • Power Supply: 9-30V DC
  • Operating temperature: 0-40°C
  • Inputs: 2x 0-10 analog/binary inputs
    1x serial 1-wire input (for DHT22 or DS18B20 sensors)
  • Outputs: 2x potential-free outputs (for controlling external circuits)
  • Supported digital sensors: 6 DS18B20 or 1 DHT22
  • Maximum current on outputs: 150mA
  • Maximum voltage on outputs: 30V DC / 20V AC
  • Built-in temperature sensor measurement range: -55°C – 126°C (-67°F–259°F)
  • Radio protocol: Z-Wave (500 series chip)
  • Radio transmit power: EIRP max. 7dBm
  • Radio frequency: 868.4 or 869.8 MHz EU, 908.4, 908.42 or 916 MHz US, 921.4 or 919.8 MHz ANZ
    869.0 MHz RU
  • Range: up to 50m outdoors, up to 30m indoors (depending on terrain and building structure)
  • Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 29 mm x 18 mm x 13 mm


Installation Guide

Installation Instructions

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