Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Door/Window Sensor 7 Pro

  • $56.99

The Aeotec Z-Wave Plus 700 Series Door and Window Sensor 7 Pro is a discreet but powerful way to be in the know about the status of your home's doors and windows. Not only does this device sends alerts faster and has a better range than other versions of this product, but it's also 40% smaller than previous generations.


  • Protect your home
    Door / Window Sensor 7 is your first line of defense against an intruder. The instant a door or window opens, your automation system can alert you and activate compatible sirens, cameras, and other security devices. Sometimes it’ll know even before anything opens. With Aeotec’s patented Spatial Intrusion Algorithm™ built in and when paired with compatible software, Door / Window Sensor 7 can even detect some break-ins before they happen, alerting you before anyone breaks in.
  • Alert before blunder
    Leaving home but have left a window open? Never again. Whether privately triggered by your geolocation or the arming of a smart security system, Door / Window Sensor 7 can remind you to close the doors and windows you left open. When combined with Z-Wave controllers, such as Aeotec’s Nano Shutter, it can even close them for you.
  • Smart inside
    Attached to internal doorways, Door / Window Sensor 7 can provide the intelligence that discreetly powers your smart home. Open a room and everything from its lights to its heating can be activated. Attached to objects, such as safes or alcohol cabinets secured, and you can be instantly alerted whenever they’re touched.
  • Instant intelligence
    You depend on it to keep your home safe. And you depend on it to make your home smart. And Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro helps do both instantly.
  • Instant installation
    Every home is different, but Door / Window Sensor 7 Pro has been carefully crafted to be easily installed in any home, no matter its shape or size. 15 years’ experience of designing security sensors has allowed us to make it our smallest yet. And our most universal.




Technical Specifications

  • Sensors: Magnetic only
  • Product Weight: 26g
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 71 x 18 mm
  • Magnet Dimensions: 8 x 20 x 11 mm
  • Water proofing: IP20 rating
  • Power supply: No
  • Battery life: 3 years assuming 5 open and 5 close events per day with Wakeup reports disabled.
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 45°C
  • Operating distance: More than 50 meters indoors / More than 164 feet indoors


Installation Guide


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