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Woman enjoying cup of coffee in the morning

There are a lot of repetitive manual tasks in your daily routine that you might not realize, from when you wake up to bedtime. For example, when you wake up in the morning, the first order of tasks is to open up the blinds, turn on the lights, turn up the heat (if you like your room cooler at night), make the morning cup of Joe, and turn on the TV to watch the morning news. If you counted correct, there are five manual tasks that you perform each and every morning!

Now imagine if you could push a button or say a few words, and voilà! All those tasks are done before you even get out of bed. Magic? More like (smart home) scenes! Let's get the definition of (smart home) scenes out of the way before diving into the nitty gritty. Scenes are probably one of the most revered parts of a smart home system and can involve one or more smart home devices set with a preset sequence of commands triggered by a single button or voice command. The goal of setting up scenes is to automate those mundane manual tasks, so you have more time to do things you actually enjoy. 

Here are some of our favorite smart home scenes:

Good Morning

Good Morning Scene with bed by open window overlooking landscape

A "Good Morning" scene can let you wake up leisurely without hurry to complete your morning routine by gradually brightening the bedroom lights, opening up the motorized window shades, turning up the thermostat to room temperature, activating the coffee pot, and turning on the TV to your favorite morning news.

Good Night

Good night scene with lamp beside bed

A "Good Night" scene can help you get ready for bed by dimming all the lights to 50%, closing the motorized window shades, arming the security system, and turning down the thermostat to a comfortable sleeping temperature.

Movie Time

A "Movie Time" scene can make your home your own personal movie theater by dimming all the lights, closing the motorized window shades, turning on the TV and sound system. You can also include a "Pause" scene that illuminates a path to the bathroom and/or the kitchen.

Party Time

A "Party Time" scene can help welcome guests while you're busy entertaining by checking who's at your front door via your video doorbell, unlocking your front door for your guests, and playing your favorite playlist while syncing your lights to the beat.

Arriving Home

Arriving home with lights turned on

An "Arriving Home" scene can welcome you home after a hard's day work by turning on your porch lights before you arrive, unlocking your front door so you don't have to look for your keys, disarming the security system, turning up the thermostat to room temperature, activating the gas fireplace, and welcoming you home with ambient music.


A "Dinner" scene can take one less thing off your hands when you're busy hosting by setting the lights to fit the occasion, playing the perfect dinner music, as well as arranging the kitchen for preparation and clean up.


Romantic evening with bathtub and candlelight

A "Romance" scene can set the mood for a romantic evening and eliminate any interruptions by locking the doors, closing the motorized window shades, activating the gas fireplace, playing some sexy music, and dimming the lights to emulate candlelight. 

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