GoControl Z-Wave PIR Smart Motion Sensor

GoControl Z-Wave PIR Smart Motion Sensor

  • $39.99

The GoControl Z-Wave PIR Smart Motion Sensor is an essential addition to your smart home as it not only detects any movement in your home but also monitors and reports any changes in your room's temperature. You will never have to worry about unwelcome guests in your home when you have this motion sensor installed and active. 


  • Motion Detector
    The passive infrared motion detector has a 100’ line-of-sight range and has been designed to sense all movement and then send a report to you alerting you to the movement, so you'll always know of any unwanted movement in your home.
  • Temperature Sensor
    The device has a built-in temperature sensor, so if the temperature rises then an alert will be sent to you so you can see why the temperature is rising. 
  • Anti-Tamper Feature
    With the anti-tamper feature, you will receive a notification when the cover of the device is removed. The LED light will remain red when the cover has been disturbed, so you'll know if anyone has tried to tamper with your device.
  • Extensive Coverage
    The GoControl Z-Wave PIR Smart Motion Sensor can detect motion between 6 to 32 feet and offers a horizontal coverage angle of 120 degrees.
  • Sends Alerts
    You will be able to set up the system so that you receive alerts when the sensor detects any motion. This means that wherever you are you will receive an alert letting you know that something has triggered the device so that you can react immediately. 
  • Connect to up to 5 Z-Wave devices
    You can customize your home automation by setting up to 5 Z-Wave devices to this sensor, increasing your home automation. 





Technical Specifications

  • Motion detection range: 6’ to 32’
  • 120° detection angle
  • Heat rise temp alert: 2° F
  • LED activity indicator
  • 100’ line-of-sight range
  • For non-life safety applications
  • Anti-tamper design
  • Up to 5 Associations
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Includes: GoControl Passive Infrared Motion Detector (Z-Wave) and installation guide.


Installation Guide

Installation Instructions

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