Dome Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Smart Sensor

  • $34.99

The Dome Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Smart Sensor will never have you worrying about leaving a door or window open again. You can even install on garage doors and configure your Hub to send a notification or sound an alarm if it is left open for too long, so you can rest assured your home is always safe and secure knowing all entry points are closed. 


  • Monitor entry points in your home
    Once set up with your Z-Wave home automation system, you will receive notifications through the app whenever a door or window is opened or even if your garage door is left open, ensuring that all entry points to your home are always closed and secure.
  • Create Trigger Events
    When integrated into your home automation, you will be able to create triggers to make life easier such as switching on the lights to your basement stairwell the moment you open the basement door.
  • Multiple Uses
    The sensor can be used on both interior and exterior doors as well as cabinets, safes, baby gates, garage doors and closet doors, so you can always know if something has been opened. 
  • Status Updates
    If you are not sure if a door or window has been left open you can check the status on the app, allowing you to keep your home safe and secure and all times. 
  • Long Range
    The Dome Z-Wave Plus Door and Window Smart Sensor has a range 150-feet, it is suitable to monitor any sized window or door.
  • Long-life Battery
    The battery life of the sensor lasts up to 3-years and has a low battery indicator, so you never have to worry about low batteries or having to keep batteries on hand. 



Z-Wave Plus

Works with

Works with SmartThings, Vera, HomeSeer, Nexia, Piper, URC and Harmony


Technical Specifications

  • Z-Wave Plus Certified
  • Up to 150’ range
  • Three-Year Battery Life
  • Low Battery Indication
  • 0.5” Max distance between sensor & magnet
  • Includes: Sensor, User Manual, Magnet, 1 x Battery, 2 x Screw, 2 x Wall anchor


Installation Guide

User Manual

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