Stelpro Maestro SMT402 Smart Thermostat Front View

Stelpro Maestro SMT402 Smart Thermostat



  • $96.99

The Stelpro Maestro SMT402 Smart Thermostat puts you in control of the comfort of your home at the touch of a button anywhere, anytime from your smartphone. The Stelpro Maestro SMT402 features a motion-activated screen, so it automatically lights up when you approach and operates on the popular Zigbee frequency, so is compatible with other Zigbee devices or certified automation controllers such as VeraPlus, VeraSecure or SmartThings.


  • Understand your energy consumption
    Energy Consumption Assessment allows you to understand where your energy is being used, so you can save on your energy bill.
  • Save on your energy bill
    Save up to 25% on electrical energy savings (dependent on use).
  • Lights up automatically when you approach
    Motion-activated screen detects when you approach and automatically lights up.
  • Lock screen capability
    Lock screen capability so you don't accidentally turn something on.
  • Detects and alerts you if a window is open
    Radical temperature decrease detection (open-window feature).




Compatible with Maestro Controller (sold separately) for control of multiple heaters or Zigbee hub

Heating System

Works with 120V, 240V and 208V electric baseboards, convectors and fan heaters (How to tell what type of heating system I have?)


Technical Specifications

  • Color: White
  • Finish: Molded Plastic
  • Wattage and Voltage:
    • 150 W to 2000 W @ 120 V
    • 260 W to 3400 W @ 208 V
    • 300 W to 4000 W @ 240 V
  • Two- or four-wire connection
  • Operating Temperature: 5 to 30 °C (41 to 86 °F)
  • Accurate ambient temperature control: ± 0.5 °C (± 1 °F)
  • Includes: Smart Thermostat, Mounting Plate, (2) Screws, (2) Caps, Quickstart Guide
  • Product Dimensions: 5 3/8 (W) x 5 3/8 (H) x 1 1/4 (D) inches


Installation Guide

Installation by a qualified electrician is recommended.

Quick Start Guide

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