Samsung SmartThings Deluxe Bundle



  • $249.99

The Samsung SmartThings Deluxe Bundle has everything you need to kick off your SmartThings smart home automation system. The Samsung SmartThings Deluxe Bundle has all your bases covered including the SmartThings Hub V3, multi-purpose sensors, motion sensors, water leak sensors, smart outlets, and even smart buttons. 


  • SmartThings Hub V3
    Bring together all your smart home devices including your smart lighting, smart thermostats, smart locks, and more all together in one app.
  • Multi Purpose Sensors
    Versatile multi-purpose sensors detects various conditions including vibrations, orientations, angles (tilt), temperatures, and open/closed, allowing it to be used in many different ways. 
  • Motion Sensors
    Detects movement and send real-time alerts, so you'll know if there is unexpected movement at home even if you're not.
  • Water Leak Sensor
    Detects excess water or moisture and sends real-time alerts, so you'll be the first to know if there is any water leakage and can prevent leaks and flooding from damaging your home. 
  • Smart Outlet
    Turns any electrical device or appliance into a smart device and monitors power consumption to help reduce your electrical bill.
  • Smart Button
    Control your smart lights, smart cameras, smart locks, smart thermostats, smart sensors, and more at the touch of a button and program single tap, double tap, and long press for customized functions.



Z-Wave Zigbee Wi-Fi

Compatible with more than 40 of your favorite smart home brands including Amazon AlexaArloRingHoneywellYale, and many more.

Works with

Works with Amazon Alexa


Technical Specifications

  • Communication Protocols: Zigbee, WiFi, Z-Wave
  • Range (Ft.): 50-130 ft
  • Certification: FCC/IC/CE
  • Operating Requirements: Broadband Internet
  • Smartphone Requirements: Android OS 6.0 or higher, iOS 11 or higher
  • Temperature (Degrees F): 32-104 °F
  • Product Dimensions: 5" (W) x 1.2" (H) x 5" (D)
  • Warranty: 1 Year Parts and Labor
  • Includes: 
    • 1 x SmartThings V3 Hub
    • 1 x Multi Purpose Sensors
    • 1 x Motion Sensors
    • 1 x Water Leak Sensor
    • 1 x Smart Button
    • 1 x Smart Outlet


Installation Guide

User Manual

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